Gauri Lankesh: Modi's paid online fake profiles?

Mukul says: She was a convict of defaming and facing a trial. Sympathy towards such people is an irony.

Neeraj Duggal from New Delhi says: Clearly we have a big discrimination among all the killings. RSS/BJP people dies, it is a matter of law and order, such so called liberals dies, RSS is blamed.

Meenakshi Goyal from India says: What is wrong with this country. Just because she was a critic of Narendra Modi government, her murder becomes headline and topic of huge discussion by media on each and every platform. We have an RSS worker whose fingers and hands are chopped and separated from his body and only BJP RSS are left to talk about it as if brutal murder of RSS worker is less inhuman and not a crime at all.

Aniket Mahajan from Pune: Who give justice to Hindus killing in Kerala by sickular jihadi pakies sympathisers

Arun Jindal: Her defamation of hinduism seems to be her qualification. Why a hue and cry is made before knowing who the murderers are maybe all hu akbar for her relati…

NEET (state board 85% reservation scrapped by Madras HC)

One Shyam Sekhar who comes on Tamil television debates says the following on Facebook.

"The race of life can be won by keeping people trained to win races only by keeping the distance longer for one person and shorter for another. Once in the real world, such winners turn into losers."

What does this fellow mean?

on lokpal

sundaram bala says on Facebook

The first job is to clear all the hurdles created by the rest while worst congress government's. It is not easy to clear bcoz 6 decades dust has to be cleared. Then only the right things can be implemented. Otherwise it is pouring a good water into koovam river, where the clean water cannot be identified. So please be calm for the right things to come.
Muruganantham Muthusamy says on Facebook
Your govt ruled around 60years... N number of corruption and Anna hazare fought for 60days... Why didn't form lokpal committee.... No corruption last 5 years and running three years your asking present govt..